Himalayan Cutia !!

Himalayan Cutia

Aah …atlast … a dream came true for me to see and witness this Rare Gem found in the middle slopes of Himalayas. Light was way too low, so had to do some NR but not touched anything else on processing part as it was spoiling it. It was on my Cards that day 🙂 Got 2 more keepers of this bird which might be better than this in terms of quality and details but i really liked the pose of this male showing off various colors and pattern this bird posses. Every time i used go through the bird guide, i used to open this page and used to wish to see it one day . 🙂

After a day long treak on the higher slopes we started our descent after a brief lunch .. I missed it initially when my other mates saw it as i went far ahead .. after they told me about it, it was late.. i decided to go back and try my luck … Almost everyone including our guide Joseph was sure that i wont get it .. Sun was gone down behind the hills and there was barely any light .. i went back some half a kilometer.. i patiently waited and waited … and saw some bird movement some 50 meters ahead just across one turn … Somehow i knew its cutia 🙂 even without seeing it .. somehow i knew that i had to see one and there my cards – all aces. Spent 20 mins with these most amazingly beautiful birds … it was almost dark when i decided to say goodbye to them with the flying kiss.



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