Rajbagh Showstopper

Rajbaag Showstopper !!

It was 30th June 2015, Last day of the season for majority of Tiger reserves in India. I was at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.

The season was full of amazing tiger sightings across all zones in Ranthambhore. But Zone 3 was the highlight for the season because of T19 Tiger and her 3 Cubs were sighted to the best. Me and my team already decided to do the Safari on the last day in Zone 3 and we had booked the same well in advance.

Sighting Tiger cubs always supposed to be exciting and amazing as you get to see multiple tigers. As the park was getting ready for the monsoon, it has already wore the velvet green cover due to some pre monsoon showers.

The Forest of Dhonk was already lush green, as we started our last safari for the season with fingers crossed to see T19 and her cubs. It was obvious that everyone was hoping for the same.

As we got alarm calls saw all the safari vehicles standing on one safari track like a gathering. so it was sure that T19 was around the same area but everyone was waiting for her to come out. We waited for sometime and then decided to move and enjoy the forest as it was all chaos of safari vehicles there. And we moved on..

As we hit Rajbaag lake, The landscape was mesmerizing. And then ..

There are landscapes which are shot as they are utterly beautiful, serene, vivid. With Lush Green carpets, Serene waters of lake, Painted Storks, Egrets fishing in the lake, Flock of terns circling around … This all against the magnificent ancient ruins standing tall against blue skies … Dream like .. ain’t it ?
And then a maginicent creature every created by almighty walks into the the scene on the green carpet … Definitely dream like ..
It was a last day of the season in Ranthambhore when me and my team were the only lucky ones to receive such a warm good bye..



“Star Male, T28” proved to be the showstopper at Rajbaag that day to send the season with his royal walk…

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