Two Face !!

Two Face !!

Getting a glimpse of a Tiger in Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve is always a special occasion.
This time it was even more special.
During my Morning Safari in Dhikala, what i got was only alarm calls from one corner of “Thandi Sadak”.
I waited for my whole morning safari (about 4 Hours) at the same spot but just alarm calls at regular intervals.
As it approached to the closing time for morning safari, I had to leave the spot.
Considering the shy and Elusive nature of Corbett Tigers, they often make a move when there are very less or no disturbance of Safari vehicles.
Now that i got the position of the Tiger in the morning (due to alarm calls) decide to be the 1st to reach the spot when safari starts again in the noon and i was some how sure of something which i was not speaking up before it actually happens .. with my fingers crossed ..
Me and others in the vehicle decided to skip the lunch to be the 1st one to leave the gate and dedicatedly everyone believed me and supported my idea.
And Off we go as soon as the gate opens in the noon and straight to the Thandi Sadak.
Mine was the only vehicle to hit the Thandi Sadak and
here she was … “Two Face”. 

Sun Rays playing hide n seek and at one instance they filtered through the tall dens trees and what i saw was “Two Face” .

Many a times, in Corbett, Instinct took over everything else. This certainly goes to my “Blessed by the Corbett” collection. For the 1st time saw this magnificent corbett Tiger sitting on Thandi Sadak for good 20 minutes.

By the time 2nd vehicle arrived, This lady Got up, Marked her Territory and vanished in the Thickets.

All Rights Reserved. © By Sagar Gosavi.

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