Rarity Unleashed !!

 The Rufous-throated Partridge

The Rufous-throated partridge (Arborophila rufogularis) Rarity and Skulker from North-east … Photographed finally !!! Photographed in Eaglenest, Arunachal Pradesh, in April 2015. Probably one of the very few records from india. This is by far the toughest contender to shoot as it is found in the thick undergrowth of the hill slopes and are super camouflaged.

Eaglenest or Eagle’s Nest Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area of India in the Himalayan foothills of West Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh. It conjoins Sessa Orchid Sanctuary to the northeast and Pakhui Tiger Reserve across the Kameng river to the east. Altitude ranges are extreme: from 500 metres (1,640 ft) to 3,250 metres (10,663 ft).[1] It is a part of the Kameng Elephant Reserve. Eaglenest is known for its diversity in terms of Birds, mammals, insects and reptiles. Eaglenest is home for many rarities n the birding world and also from mammals world. Home for Trogons, Tragopans, Fulvetas, Warblers, Laughing thrushes, Babblers etc. Its known as one of the best birding spots in the world.

It was one day at Bompu Camp when we left the camp early in the morning when it was dark. Clouds were all over the place and i was feeling like walking in the clouds. As we were trekking with the break of dawn, Bird movement started. I could hear the calls from elusive Blyth’s Tragopan.

While walking for a long time, as we hit one of the most dense patches with very thick undergrowth on both sides of the trekking path. We suddenly heard the multiple wingbeats and something took off from the ground from very close and crossed over. we could not even see it perching on the ground in the thick undergrowth of the hill slopes on both sides.

Few meters ahead again same thing. Now we were so carefully scanning both sides of the path so carefully but still same thing … something was taking off in a flash form ground and crossing over. It was merely impossible to spot these things perching even after scanning by so many expert eyes. Guide suggested that it might be Hill Partridge.

At one road bent, again same thing but this time we heard bing beats and it ran across the path on the other side and we could atleast see it. It was a colorful partridge but definitely not Hill Partridge.

I decided to nail it down and now each step was with minimum noise.. slowly… scanning the areas on both sides in the undergrowth. After many failed attempts my determination to nail it even going stronger.

Wing beats again and nothing flew or ran across so i knew its just about around the same place … carefully moving while scanning the same area again and again..

Saw this beauty residing on a hill slope. Through one small open patch through the dense i could see it clearly and there i clicked ..

It was “Rufous-throated Partridge”. Probably the Only or/and best photographic record of this beauty form India.

Rufous-throated partridge


© Sagar Gosavi. All Rights Reserved.

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