Raavan !!


Satpura Tiger Reserve nestles in the arms of Satpura Hill ranges surrounded by Denwa River, is amongst India’s Largest stretch of forests which includes, Bori and Panchmarhi Wildlife Sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh.
Satpura Tiger reserve is known for Leopards and Sloth Bears. It certainly has low density of Tigers and Tiger sightings happen once in 3 to 4 months. But last season i witnessed and photographed some of the amazing Leopards and Sloth Bears here.
But 6th Nov, 2015 is the day when all stars came in the constellations and me and my 2 friends sighted and Photographed not one not 2 … but 5 different tigers in a single day at Satpura. It was astonishing and unbelievable phenomenon for everyone at Satpura.
This is the moment from The Evening that day..
When we were in search of Leopards, saw tracks of Huge pugmark of a male tiger. Size of the Pugmark was suggesting that its something very huge in size. We kept following the tracks. Somewhere there was a doubt as you often see pugmakrs but its near to impossible to see a tiger in Satpura. But these pugmarks as we inspected, they were too fresh. Heart started beating fast the very moment.
Erwin and Avinash used all their expertise while tracking as pugmarks were getting lost in between and again we were getting them on the track.
At one junction we took left and we checked and checked but no pugmarks.
Then we again took U turn to check the right hand path and there we go again again found the Pugmarks. At one point pugmarks were lost and we halted to see if we can get any alarm calls. As we stopped i suddenly spotted a Male sloth bear in the small grass land. At that very moment, here comes the HUGE ROAR…. Brain signalled Shiver from the head to toe.
It was came loud and clear from the direction in which we were heading. We quickly started driving the in front. Again a junction, so stopped for sounds to confirm the direction and …
Multiple roars one after other like some huge drums are beating near by. These roars were so loud that the waves might have reached miles in all direction.
I figured out that there are more than one tiger and they are close by ahead. there was a small climb which we drove up and we saw something which was beyond imagination at Satpura.
Face off between Two Huge full grown tigers. One was Male and other was female.
Male was so huge that female was looking like a small sub adult cub in front of him.
Male was huge Dominant Male from Lagda Region also known as “Bear Killer”. Female was some new female.
When we spotted the pair for the 1st time, it looked like Male was on High and wanted to mate with the female as seen in the picture that he is picking up the scents by circling the female by showing “Flehman’s Response”. Female who was much smaller in size was all scared and looked like poor and helpless.
And Male was clearly showing his dominance and Female showing dislike and resistance.
Male was so huge that his belly was almost touching the ground.
While he was Circling the female, the only Name what i could find for him is
Stay Tune as this story unfolds … !!
It was amazing to observe this behaviour of wild tigers in the new lesser known forests.


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